Ellie Taylor

Ellie Taylor: This Guy

Ellie Taylor, star of BBC’s Live at the Apollo, Mock the Week, The John Bishop Show, and Radio 4’s The Now Show returns in 2017 with her new stand-up show – This Guy. In this new hour, Ellie tries to work out whether she wants to breed, which is tricky when you have the maternal instinct of a pitta bread.

Married and in her 30s, if Ellie had been given a pound every time she’s been asked ‘Do you want a baby?’ she could have bought a really expensive baby. How do you know if you’re ready to be a parent? Should you just take the risk regardless? What if Ellie does have a kid and her career stalls, or her marriage breaks down or the baby has a monobrow? This is the big stuff.

‘Radiates charisma… blessed with great flair’ (Guardian).

‘She doesn’t miss a beat’ (List).

Running time: 60 mins. approx

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